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About Us

Since its incorporation, CSLdotComp Sdn. Bhd. has expanded and diversified to establish itself as the present CSLdotComp Sdn. Bhd. Over time, the company has built a strong business competencies that has served as a solid foundation for the exponential growth in the markets. Today, CSLdotComp has become one of the company that capable of doing network infrastructure services and ICT products supply competing with other enterprises in the industry.

Working together with its affiliates, CSLdotComp provide competitive network infrastructure services (network cabling, server setup, etc.) and ICT products supply for both the private and public sectors in all categories of industrial, commercial, and residential. To cater for the robust growth in the regional market, CSLdotComp provide service which uses quality products depending on the affordability of its client.

CSLdotComp is strongly committed to making continual advancements in technology and innovation, both of which are our greatest strengths. For the past few years, we have grown steadily based on a promise of providing quality services using products with leading edge technology, supported by unfailing excellence in customer service and faster turnaround time to maintain customer loyalty. These are beliefs and values that give us the strength and confidence to continue to grow, excel and succeed in the exciting years ahead.


CSLdotComp Sdn. Bhd. Vision

Our vision is to improve and maintain all the ICT & network related products & services in every organization who uses our products & services.

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